USU Conference Systems, The 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Telecommunication and Computer Engineering

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Electrical Characterisations of GaAs pHEMT Schottky Diode for Multilayer MMIC Power Limiter Application
Norshakila Haris, Peter B. K. Kyabaggu, Emerson Sinulingga, Ali A Rezazadeh

Last modified: 2015-11-19


This paper presents various measurement approaches that can be applied such as I-V, C-V, S-parameters and power measurements to fully characterise a newly designed and fabricated GaAs pHEMT Schottky diode on multilayer MMIC technology. Equivalent circuit model of the device is confirmed and the measured and simulated results are consistent. The outcomes of these measurements provide an insight to the development of MMIC power limiter, constructed using the proposed GaAs pHEMT Schottky diodes. The power limiter displays very low insertion loss (< 1.89 dB) at the working frequency of 3 GHz. It also shows the ability to block high power level signal from damaging power sensitive devices at 20 dBm input power. When compared to other types of MMIC power limiters published, the device shows a better reduced total chip size with low insertion loss due to the multilayer technology implementation.