Karo Highland

Participants of SEMIRATA ICST will be brought to visit and enjoy the cool and beautiful agricultural landscape at Karo Highland, North Sumatera for the post-conference tour. As the widest plateau in North Sumatera, Karo is an important site for horticulture and vegetable plantation. Situated in the Barisan Mountains, Karo regency covers an area of 2,127.25 square kilometers with 60% of area of which still covered by forest and agroforestry. The cool-to-mild temperature or agroclimate supports the organic farmings under management by local people or Karo-nese people.

Particular route that will be taken in the tour is Medan-Merek-Berastagi-Medan. The post-conference tour will start at 6.00 AM local time and will arrive back in Medan at 19.00 PM.

Trip from Medan to the citrus plantation at Subregency of Merek will take approximately 3 hours time. Here the tour participants will enjoy the scenery of leafy-and-fruit-bearing citrus plantations. Participants can also pick and taste the well-known Karo-nese citrus for themselves.


Afterwards, participants will leave for Berastagi at around 11.00 AM and will take approximately 1.5 hours. In this town, muslim participants will perform Zhuhur prayers while other participants can rest and enjoy shopping at the fruit market in Berastagi, which is the central market for fresh fruits and vegetables.


At around 14.00 PM local time, participants will start to visit several tourism sites in Berastagi. The first location to visit is Taman Alam Lumbini, with a replica of Shwedagon Pagoda from Burma. This highest Pagoda and Stupa for Buddhisms in Indonesia is surrounded with beautiful gardens and will amuse you with its golden ornaments.

Participants will arrive at strawberry plantation in Tongkoh village at around 15.00 PM. Here participants will enjoy the tidily-lined-up strawberry plants, and with the small basket provided by the owner, participants can freely pick the strawberry fruits for themselves with price of IDR 80,000 per kilogram.

Participants will leave at around 16.00 PM for Gundaling farm, one of the first and biggest cow farm that produces fresh milk using modern technology and sells their own products. The wide and comfortable farm surrounded by trees enhances the cool mountain atmosphere even stronger, while participants can directly observe the modern cow-milking proccess and enjoy the fresh milk from it.

Participants will then leave for Medan at about 17.00 PM and will arrive at about 19.00 local time.