Call for Papers

List of mathematics participants of SEMIRATA - ICST can be viewed here.

List of physics participants of SEMIRATA-ICST can be viewed here.

List of chemistry participants of SEMIRATA-ICST can be viewed here.

List of biology participants of SEMIRATA-ICST can be viewed here.

The conference covers the following subject, but not limited to:

  • Statistical Mathematics
  • Actuary
  • Computer Science
  • Theoretical Physics
  • Material Physics
  • Geophysics
  • Instrumental Physics
  • Energy & Material Chemistry
  • Natural Product & Medicinal Chemistry
  • Computational & Instrumentation Chemistry
  • Environment & Green Chemistry
  • Life Chemistry
  • Ecology and Conservation
  • Plant and Animal Bioscience
  • Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Biodiversity

Proceeding of SEMIRATA ICST 2018 will be indexed by Scopus.

Guidelines for Account Registration

1. Under the "Author Guidelines" section below, click on the "STEP ONE FOR THE SUBMISSION PROCESS" button.

2. Click "Not a user? Create an account with this site" to create a new account in this website. If you have already participated in a seminar from University of Sumatera Utara before, you can login with your previous account username and password.

3. Fill in the required information marked by asterisk in the application form (Username, Password, Repeat Password, Validation, First and Last Name, Affiliation, Email)

  • If you have not written your department information in your affiliation, you can fill it in Biostatement
  • Please only tick either one of the following on the "Create Account As" section:
  • Reader: if you want to participate only as a sit-in participant (not delivering a presentation)
  • Author: if you wish to deliver a presentation and participate in the seminar proceeding

4. Once you have filled in all the required fields, click on "Create" button and you will be sent a confirmation mail to your email address provided in the application form.

You can also watch the video tutorial for account registration in SEMIRATA ICST here.

Guidelines for Paper / Article Submission

1. In order to submit your article, firstly you need to login to our website with your username and password.

2. Click "New Submission" on the first page you see after you are logged in

3. Fill in the form at the Starting New Submission section, then click "Save and Continue".

  • Conference Track - select which track are you submitting your paper for (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, or Biology)
  • Session Type - select which session in the seminar will you be participating on (Oral Presenter or Poster Presenter)
  • Submission Checklist - carefully read and check ALL the points in accordance with your paper
  • Copyright Notice and Comments for Conference Director are optional

4. On the next page, you can upload your full paper by clicking "Select File", then choose the file from your computer that you want to upload to our system, then click "Open".

5. Click "Upload". You will be directed and should can see your Submission File. After that, click "Save and Continue".

6. On the next page known as "Entering the Metadata", fill in the author information including First Name, Last Name, Affiliation, and Corresponding email address (other information such as URL, Biostatement, etc are optional).

7. Only if your article is written by more than one author, click "Add Author" and fill in their information. Continue this until you finish mentioning all the author information.

8. Next, fill in the Title column with the title of your article, followed by typing your abstract in the space for Abstract.

9. Once you are done typing your article title and abstract, click "Save and Continue".

10. On the next page "Confirming the Submission", you should can see your file summary including File Name and Date Uploaded. Click "Finish Submission". You will receive submission acknowledgement both in the website and your email.

11. Congratulations, you have succesfully submitting your full paper to SEMIRATA ICST 2018. Your full paper will be reviewed by our Scientific Committee and we will notify you as soon as the review result has been announced.

You can also watch the video tutorial for paper submission in SEMIRATA ICST here.

Author Guidelines

Manuscript should consists of either research or review article and must be written following the guide below:

  • Title must be written using the font Times New Roman 17, followed by the author names, affiliation, and corresponding email(s)
  • Abstract must be written no more than 200 words using the font Times New Roman 11 and WITHOUT keywords
  • Body text must be written using the font Times New Roman 11, paragraph spacing 1, margins (top, bottom, left, and right) 1", with all table and figure captions centered in the middle.
  • Any citations in the text body should be written in a square bracket [1] and following the order [2, 3, 4], etc. In regards to this, the reference section does not necessarily have to be written in alphabetical order.
  • If an acknowledgment is made, it should be included at the very end of the paper before the references. This section includes acknowledgment of people, grant details, funds, etc.
  • A complete reference must be provided to locate the article cited in the body text at the very end of your manuscript.

The full guideline for author can be downloaded here.

Submissions for this conference were closed on 2018-05-03.