Local wisdom is part of the people’s culture which cannot be separated from their own language. It is usually inherited orally from generation to generation through stories. It is found in folklores, proverbs, songs, and folk-games. It is a knowledge found by local community through a collection of experiences which are integrated with understanding a certain culture and local environment.  According to Antariksa (2009), local wisdom is part of the people’s cultural tradition in a certain country which is realized as parts of building physical structure (architecture) and urban areas in the geography of a nation’s archipelago. Therefore, it is the problem of identity. As a local knowledge system, it distinguishes one local community from another one. This distinction can be seen from the types of local wisdom which can be traced its relation to:

  1. Food, especially which is related to a local environment and in accordance with the local climate and staple food;
  2. Production system, which is, of course, related to the traditional local production system as an attempt to fulfill the need and the management of manpower;
  3. Housing which is adjusted to the standard climate and raw materials available in that area;
  4. Clothing which is adjusted to the climate and raw materials available in that area;
  5. People that are adjusted to the local knowledge system as the result of the continuous interaction constructed due to human primary, secondary, and tertiary needs.

There is a lot of local wisdom which, without our knowledge, has provided positive values, and the local wisdom itself is always beneficial throughout the ages. This ascertains that Local Wisdom has always existed up to the present. It has to be instilled and developed in facing the reality which exists now like global warming that becomes an international discourse. As we know that one of the effects of global warming is the irregular climate change (Anomaly).We have ‘spiritual assets’ like local wisdom and religious ethics in Indonesia. Nevertheless, in the historical development, it seems that Indonesia is becoming co-opted by various global economic and political interests dominated by developed countries. Without revitalization, Local wisdom which is our real national identity will be vanished. Outer space flight performed by the United States and Russia began with science fiction. We, in Indonesia, have abundant traditional literature with myths about supernatural powers; for examples, Gatotkaca that can fly. The problem is how to transform these myths about supernatural powers to technological power.Therefore, it is very important to hold a seminar in international level to dig up deeply all aspects of local wisdom from various areas in Indonesia and in other countries. The seminar is expected to provide scientific description about the power of local wisdom in order to cope with various problems in each environment and to revitalize the roles of local wisdom in the ecosystem of human life.


  1. To increase academic atmosphere, especially in the international level of scientific publication;
  2. To broaden cooperation network in researches in exact sciences and the humanities;
  3. To introduce the University of Sumatera Utara, especially the Graduate School of the University of Sumatera Utara to the international level;
  4. To celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the University of Sumatera Utara.


  1. To increase  the number of the publications of lecturers and graduate students in the University of Sumatera Utara;
  2. To be the forum for students and lecturers;
  3. To provide the opportunity for cooperation in mutual researches and lectures.