Public Health International Conference (PHICo)

Public Health International Conference (PHICo)

Indonesia with its abundant natural resources also contain serious cases of health and tropical diseases. Potential growth of bacteria, viruses, ricketsia, fungus as the cause of tropical diseases in Indonesia is very large, supported by the climate factors that affect the ecosystems, animal habitats, infectious diseases and even the growth of colonies of bacteria naturally, the high temperature during the dry season support the replication of disease agents inside and outside the organism, followed with the socio-economic circumstances among residents in tropical area whom living around the poverty line and having kinds of deficiency such as iron, iodine, vitamin A, protein and calories. The greenhouse effect also causes the transmission of tropical diseases and vectors to the higher plateau and the latitude regions, such as the Southern United States and the Mediterranean area. Global warming increase the height of orographic cloud formation resulting cloud coverage that facilitates the optimal conditions for the growth of pathogens. Exploration of tropical rainforest, deforestation, rising immigration, international travel and more travel to the tropics has led to an increased incidence of the disease.

This is the time where the role and work of Public Health is very important and necessary. It takes up prevention, control and maintainance efforts also financing efforts. This is because the rich countries in the tropics have excellent health infrastructure, a well control management of combating the tropical diseases transmission  while in poor countries do not have. The poor countries with unequal health infrastructure, poor hygiene and sanitation, poor nutrition and poor health behaviors tend to increase the spread of these diseases. The unequal situation between rich countries and poor countries is trigger the WHO to develop a health care system with a system of health insurance for every citizen in the world, because every person has the right to gain access to health promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation.

Therefore, this conference invites every part, anyone who concern with this condition to be able to participate, share your knowledge and experiences about this topic. We are hoping that all of us want to contribute in tackling this problem.


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4th Public Health International Conference