Registration Fee

  Fee for Indonesians Fee for Foreigners
Workshop 1 and 2 Rp. 800.000 NA 
Conference (Consultant)* Rp. 1.500.000  USD 250 
Conference (GP and medical professionals)* Rp. 1.000.000 USD 150 
Conference (Undergraduate student) virtual only Rp. 350.000 USD 100

* First 150 participants can choose to attend on site or virtual

**For payment please click HERE


How To Do Registration and Payment

Alur Pendaftaran dan Pembayaran
The 3rd ICTROMI 2021


  • After entering the home page, click REGISTRATION FEE
    • Setelah masuk ke halaman utama, klik REGISTRATION FEE
    • You can see a writing “For Payment please click HERE” under the Registration Fee table
  • Click HERE to start registration process
    • Klik HERE untuk memulai registrasi
  • You will be directed to Google form to register and fill the form
    • Anda akan diarahkan ke Google fomr untuk registrasi dan mohon isi formulir
  • You will get the link to do the payment in the end of the form. Don’t forget to submit your Registration Form.
    • Anda akan mendapatkan link untuk Tagihan di akhir formulir, jangan lupa untuk submit registrasi
  • Payment page: please fill your Name, Phone, Email, Partner (choose) The 3rd International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious, and Items
    • Halaman tagihan: Masukkan Nama, Nomor HP, Email, Mitra (pilih) The 3rd International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious, dan Item
  • Then click Create Bill, a virtual account number and billed amount will be listed to paid
    • Kemudian klik Create Bill, akan tertera nomor virtual account dan total tagihan yang harus dibayar
  • Check your email to see billed amount with detailed information and Virtual Account (VA)
    • Periksa email untuk melihat total tagihan dengan informasi rinci mengenai Virtual Account (VA)
  • Do the payment with VA number, after the transaction is succeed, please check your email again
    • Lakukan pembayaran dengan VA, setelah pembayaran berhasil, cek kembali email