International Conference on Chemical Science and Technology Innovation (ICOCSTI 2019)

Hotel Grandhika

July 21, 2019 – July 22, 2019

The 1st International Conference on Chemical Science and Technology Innovation (ICOCSTI) is an annual conference organized by Department Of Chemistry Universitas Sumatera Utara- Indonesia. The theme of ICOCSTI 2019 is “A Chemical Breakthrough for Scoience Technology Innovation ”. The event is designed to emphasize advances and new findings in chemical science & technology innovation  and their impacts on technology development. The conference will bring together scholars, leading researchers, and experts from diverse backgrounds and applications areas in Science. This Conference is organized by Department of Chemistry Universitas Sumatera Utara. The conference would offer a large number of invited lectures from renowned speakers all over the country. The Best paper awards will be given for the papers judged to make the most significant contribution to the conference.

Conference Theme "A Chemical Breakthrough for Scoience Technology Innovation"



  • To disseminate and develop the most recent innovations, trends, and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions in the fields of chemical and advance material
  • To promote and facilitate the growth of scientific and technical development in the field of chemical advance material development in Indonesia and the Asia region.



Honorary Board

  • Prof. Dr. Runtung Sitepu. Sh. M.Hum
  • Drs. Mahyuddin K. M. Nasution. MIT, Ph.D


Editorial Board

  • Prof. Dr. Basuki Wirjosentono. MS  (USU-Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Harlem Marpaung (USU-Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Seribima Sembiring. M. Sc (USU-Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Zul Alfian. M.Sc (USU-Indonesia)
  • Prof. Dr. Rizalman Mamat (UPM-Malaysia)
  • Prof. Dr. Zuriati Zakaria (UTM-Malaysia)
  • Dr. Kamyar Shameli
  • Dr. Irwana Nainggolan
  • Dr. Saharman Gea  (USU- Indonesia)


Organizing Committee

Chairman : Prof. Dr. Harry Agusnar. M. Sc
Co-Chair : Dr. Cut Fatimah Zuhra
Secretary : Dr. M. Taufik. M. Si
Treasurer : Dr. Sovia Lenny. M. Si