USU Conference Systems, The 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Language Affairs (IICoLA) 2020

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Aprili Yanti

Last modified: 2020-11-23


This research describes the humor strategy that is realized by the preachers in conveying the syiar of Islam to the congregation. The intelligence of the preachers in using lexical variations in the elements of their da'wah aims to enliven a warm atmosphere during the da'wah process to arouse their religiosity and open new views to the congregation that humor requires cognitive intelligence to be able to understand the situation and social life of the community. The function of humor is presented by preachers in their preaching as a means of conveying orders, advice, appeals, criticisms and prohibitions on religious issues and social diseases. This research uses semantk inquiry theory. In humor, there is an implicit language that needs to be explored with inquiry semantic theory. The research method used qualitative descriptive with matching and agih techniques. The results showed that presenting a humor requires intelligence in processing sentences and intellectual experience in developing the da'wah's hasanah in preaching. The results showed that the lexical humor conveyed by the preachers was a social criticism and a community phenomenon that varied according to the situation during preaching (momentum). Humor is a figuristic amplifier of preaching in strengthening the intent and purpose of his preaching.