USU Conference Systems, The 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Language Affairs (IICoLA) 2020

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Rhetoric in Queen Elizabeth Speech
Muhammad Rouzhi Aristha Nasution, Alemina Br. Perangin-angin, Mazlah Aini Siregar, Siti Khairani Ritonga

Last modified: 2020-11-22


This thesis deals with Rhetoric in Queen Elizabeth Speech. The objective of this research is to find out the kinds of rhetoric used in Queen Elizabeth Speech, to find out the most dominant of rhetoric used in Queen Elizabeth. This research used the descriptive qualitative method to analyze the data. The researcher took a script as the source of data. To collect the data, the researcher analyzed the sentences in the script. They are Paralleism, Antithesis, Asyndenton, Alliteration, Anaphora, Metaphor, Metonymy, Simile, Personification, Hyperbole. The kinds of rhetoric that most dominant appeared in Queen Elizabeth. The findings showed Personification 21%, Paralleism 15.7%, Alliteration 13.1%, Asyndenton 10.5%, Metaphor 10.5%, Hyperbole 10.5%, Anaphora 7.8%, Antithesis 5.2%, Metonymy 2.6%, Simile 2.6%. From the data above, it showed that there were 21% Personification were used in the speech. It means the most dominant kinds of rhetoric used in Queen Elizabeth speech is personification.