USU Conference Systems, The 2nd International Interdisciplinary Conference on Language Affairs (IICoLA) 2020

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Investigating humor support in an online forum: The case in Korean Drama Fans Forum Threads
Dian Rianita

Last modified: 2020-11-23


Korean drama (henceforth, K-drama) fans’ forum is one of the famous online forums established based on the viewers' fandom toward the program.  By signing up the sites, they can join and share their opinions, so that they may create sequence conversation regarding the drama scene that they watch. The humorous thread occurs when one humorous comment posted triggers humor appreciation and created intensive reciprocity messages from other members. Instead,  the responses may vary since the forum members predictably come from different cultural backgrounds. In this regard, the study will qualitatively conducted to investigate the response of humorous comments based on the idea proposed by Hay (2001) in order to find out to what extent the humor intention of the initiated commenters can be appreciated by other members of fans' forum discussing K-drama entitle "What's wrong Secretary Kim". As text-based comments, the data is analyzed by deploying the digital conversation analysis approach since the focus will be given to the thread's structure recognized as sequential turns.