USU Conference Systems, International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases (ICTROMI) 2017

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Association Between Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy and Child-Pugh Score in patients with Liver Cirrhosis
Taufik Salman Sungkar

Last modified: 2017-10-27



Background : Portal hypertensive gastropathy (PHG) occurs as a complication of cirrhotic or non-cirrhotic portal hypertension. The association between the severity of portal hypertensive gastropathy and the hepatic function, as assessed by the Child-Pugh score in patients with liver cirrhosis are poorly defined. The aim of this study was to assess the Association of PHG and Child-Pugh score in patients with liver cirrhosis.


Methods : Adults liver cirrhosis patients admitted at Adam Malik Hospital Medan during January 2016 - December 2016, were included in this study. Endoscopic PHG grade, Child-Pugh score were assessed. The Association between PHG and Child-Pugh score was investigated.

Results : A total of 49 patients were enrolled. Majority of cases of liver cirrhosis are due to chronic viral hepatitis B infections (65.3 %). Portal hypertensive gastropathy was observed in 46 cases; twenty-five patients (51%) showed severe portal hypertensive gastropathy. The overall prevalence of PHG and the proportion of patients with severe PHG differ with regard to the Child Pugh classification. PHG was present in 66.7 % of patients from Child Pugh class A, 96 % of patients from class B, and 95.2 % of those from class C, and severe forms were present in 0 %, 36 % and 76.2 %, respectively (P< 0.000).

Conclusions : The present data suggest that the severity of portal hypertensive gastropathy is related to Child-Pugh score.

Keyword : Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy, Child-Pugh score, Liver Cirrhosis.