USU Conference Systems, International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases (ICTROMI) 2017

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Comparison of lipid profile between degrees of severity of hepatic cirrhosis in Haji Adam Malik General Hospital Medan
gontar alamsyah siregar, Sahat Ericsson Tampubolon

Last modified: 2017-11-11


Abstract. Background: Lipid metabolism disorders usually occurred in chronic liver disease. Aim of this study is to evaluate the comparison of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglyceride in Child Pugh class in liver cirrhosis (LC) patients. Method: Cross sectional study from LC patients consecutively came to Central Hospital Haji Adam Malik, Medan on July-December 2016. Inclusions criteria were patient diagnosed with LC from anamnesis, physic diagnostic, laboratory, and imaging. Patient is being evaluated with Child-Pugh (CP). P-value was calculated by using univariate and bivariate analysis of variance test (ANOVA). Result: There were 80 subjects which included 45 men (56,3%) and 35 women (43,8%). Mean age was 51,36±12,6 years. There were 40% with HBsAg (+) and 12,5% with Anti-HCV (+). There were 60% patient with CP-C, 21,3% CP-B, and 18,8% CP-A. There were significantly differences between LDL and HDL level among LC patient grade in CP-A, B, and C (p<0,05). HDL and LDL level significantly lower in CP-C compared with CP-A. There weren’t any statistically difference between total cholesterol and triglyceride level in LC patients with CP- A, B, and C. Conclusion: HDL and LDL level were significantly lower in Child Pugh C patients compared with Child Pugh A patients. Keywords: lipid, HDL, LDL, cholesterol in liver cirrhosis.