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Assosiation Between Serum Concentration Of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] And Chronic Periodontitis
Kirana Patrolina Sihombing

Last modified: 2017-11-11


Background: serum concentration of  [25(OH)D] in Indonesia has been shown low althought Indonesia is one of asia country which have tropical climate. Vitamin D has been show as an immudulator agent in in vitro and in animal studies. However , data from clinical studies involvement vitamin D to periodontal disease are still controversy. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the assosiation between serum concentration of  [25(OH)D] and chronic periodontitis. Design: we analyzed data from 45 patient chronic periodontitis in instalatation of periodontology from Faculty of dentistry University of Sumatera utara. Spearman correlation models adjusted for subject and parameter included periodontal pocket depth (PPD), clinical attachment loss (CAL), and bleeding on probing (BOP) are analyzed. Results:  51,11% person have serum concentration of  [25(OH)D]  21-50 ng/mL called Insufisiency, and 15,56%  is Deficiency. Mean values of PPD> 3 mm indicating moderate criteria, CAL > 4 mm meaning severe criteria, and mean grade of BOP> 2 degrees means the interdental papilla appears to be filled with little or much blood. Spearman correlation test results showed an inverse correlation between serum concentration of [25(OH)D] to the value of PPD, CAL, and BOP  however was not statistically significant  (r PPD -0.09; r CAL -0.118; r BOP 0.001,  p> 0.05;). Conclusion: Insufficiency serum concentration of 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] was not assosiated significant with increased in PPD, CAL, and BOP.