USU Conference Systems, International Conference on Tropical Medicine and Infectious Diseases (ICTROMI) 2017

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Vitamin C Suplementation Improve The Sputum Conversion Culture Rate In Pulmonary Tuberculosis Treatment While Rifampicin Susceptible
lasmono susanto

Last modified: 2017-10-12


The failure of first-line tuberculosis treatment is greatly affects to multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis disease. Study invitro vitamin C is inducing the death of M. tuberculosis bacteria  and accelerates healing of tuberculosis disease, so the emergence of multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis diseases can be avoided. This research was aimed to identify the effect of vitamin C as supportive treatment on the sputum conversion rate. A Double-group design parallel by selecting a matching pair  was used in two patient group. The first group was treated with standart tuberculosis treatment and other group was given suplementation vitamin C (500 mg/day). Analysis vitamin C plasma level  done before and after two months of treatment. Sputum conversion were evaluated every week as long eight week. In treatment group comparison vitamin C plasma level pree and post is significant (p=0,03) and other group is no significant. There is no significant difference in vitamin C plasma level between two groups (p=0,21). Proportion of sputum conversion rate in both group in the first week (0% vs 9,6%, p=0,83), second week (0% vs 16,1%, p=0,03), and the last week study (83,9% vs 100%, p=0,02). Vitamin C supplementation has effects improving healing process at tuberculosis patients by as indicated by higher in sputum conversion rate.

Keyword: pulmonary tuberculosis, vitamin c, sputum conversion